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Episode 64: Dr. Victor Montori and the Patient Revolution


Today on the podcast we talk with Dr. Victor Montori, a Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic who recently self-published his very first book called The Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care: Why We Revolt. This manifesto calls for a fundamental change in today’s global healthcare system, advocating for patient care that’s kind, careful, and based on love.

“As I tried to write [this book], what kept coming up was not a summary of the research that we had done, but rather was a series of statements, a series of declarations of something bigger, the need for fundamental change in the way healthcare is inflicted on people.” – Dr. Victor Montori

Dr. Montori was raised in Lima, Peru, where he obtained his medical degree. He moved to Minnesota in 1996 to perform his training in Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Montori is an endocrinologist and health services researcher who has authored over 550 peer-reviewed publications. He’s also the Director of Late Stage Translational Research at the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science and leads the Knowledge and Encounter Research Center at Mayo Clinic to advance person-centered care for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Montori has a deep interest in patient-centered care, working to better understand how to deliver care without disrupting the lives, either by the disease or by the burden of treatment, to his patients. On the podcast today, we talk about his work with The Patient Revolution, an organization that promotes a fundamental change in the way that patient care today is delivered.

We also walk through the core set of values put forth in Dr. Montori’s brand new book, The Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care: Why We Revolt and his vision for a healthcare system that’s not based on competition, but on collaboration and conversations, a system that is careful and kind to all.

Dr. Montori will be performing a signing of his book at Café Steam on December 18th.

Episode 41: Walleye Tank Travels to the University of Minnesota- Part 1

This week on the podcast, we listen in to pitches from Walleye Tank, a life science business pitch competition in Minnesota. The third ever Walleye Tank took place this April on the University of Minnesota campus, showcasing the state’s life science startups. Entrepreneurs participated in either a student “junior angler” or professional division, pitching their concepts to a panel of “walleyes”, seasoned life science entrepreneurs and experts. This first portion of a two part series covering Walleye Tank features pitches by Lab Set Go, Synch Medical, Dolore Biotechnology, UVBioGen, Delve Health, and Tear Restore.

For more information, and to hear the comments from the Walleye Panel, check out the Walleye Tank YouTube channel.

Episode 25: COVR Medical

From left to right: Romeo Catracchia, COVR Medical CCO; the author; Bruce Levy, COVR Medical CEO and Founder.

This week, we speak with COVR Medical, a life science startup based out of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator. COVR Medical was built within the Mayo Clinic Emerging Entrepreneur Program, a partnership between Mayo Medical Ventures and the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator. The COVR Medical team created medical garments that raise the standard of care and improve patient privacy by covering the groin area during surgery and other medical procedures. The startup was established in 2014 and is currently gearing up for commercialization. The team recently won the professional division of Walleye Tank, Rochester’s first life science business pitch competition.

“I think there’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than just having a good idea and being able to do a lot of hard work, although that’s certainly a good start. I think what you need to do is surround yourself with a competent team…that can really help develop the company.” –Dr. Bruce Levy, COVR Medical CEO and Founder.

Rochester Rising featured article: Local Entrepreneurial Experts Predict Momentous 2017

Rochester Rising Episode 11: GoAudio with Alaa Koleilat

This week, I got to speak with Alaa Koleilat, a PhD student at Mayo Clinic, about a healthtech startup that she is building, called GoAudio. Alaa and her team built GoAudio during an entrepreneurship class at Mayo Clinic under the direction of Steve Ekker and pitched the startup at Rochester’s first life science pitch contest, Walleye Tank, just this June.

  • GoAudio is a mobile application that makes hearing testing more accessible. With this app, users can test and examine their hearing thresholds anywhere. All you need is noise cancelling headphones.
  • The team hopes that these five to ten-minute hearing tests provided by GoAudio will help audio screens become a routine part of annual exams.
  • Twenty percent of Americans report some degree of hearing loss, something that’s preventable if detected early.
  • During Dr. Ekker’s entrepreneurship class, Alaa and her classmates learned many aspects of business development, including how to do a customer interview. She also did site visits as part of the class and learned how many startups really are in Rochester.
  • The class taught students how to take an idea and present the idea to investors.
  • Right now, the GoAudio app is almost at completion; some calibration is still being performed.

“Walleye Tank was really cool. …Our division was the Junior Anglers. So the people from this class were in a different division because we were all very new to this. But you got to see people that were actually taking off and they’re getting investments. …And you got to see where you could potentially be.”