Episode 127: WE Forum: Women in Leadership: Building on Your Strengths


This week we break down a recent women’s entrepreneurial event in the community organized by Christine Beech of the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and Heather Holmes of Rochester Economic Development Inc. (RAEDI). This panel event was focused on “Women in Leadership- Building on your Strengths.” The panel featured five amazingly powerful women in the community including: Melissa Brinkman, CEO of Custom Alarm/Custom Communications; Lisa Clarke, Executive Director of the DMC Economic Development Agency; Kathleen Harrington, President of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce; Kim Norton, Mayor of Rochester; and Cindy Steinhauser, Director of Community Development with the City of Rochester. This was another amazing and much needed event for women entrepreneurs that touched on many topics including self-deprecation in women, tokenism, the value of mentorship, bad bosses, not asking permission, and embracing power to enact change. 

If you missed the event, of course listen in to this podcast for a recap! You can also watch the recorded Facebook live stream on the WE Forum #rochmn Facebook page.  


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Episode 111: Top Podcasts of 2018

Cape Town (1).png

Today on the show we take a look back at some of the top podcasts of 2018!

First off, we listen in to Episode 66 from January with Garret Sorensen of Mandala Tea. Mandala Tea is a thirteen-year-old business that imports and sells Chinese and Taiwanese teas. On the show today, we listen to a portion of Episode 66 where Garret talks about the foundation of Mandala Tea, the keys to running a business for thirteen years, and how different perspectives can revitalize a company.

o   Website: https://www.mandalatea.com/

o   Twitter: Mandala_Tea

o   Instagram: @mandalatea

Next we listen in to Episode 90, recorded in July, where we had a discussion about mental health and entrepreneurs with local innovators Chris Lukenbill and Rosei Skipper. This was one of my favorite podcasts of the year, talking about a largely overlooked, and sometimes taboo, topic. On the show today, we talk about the reality of mental health issues in entrepreneurs and why founders might be more susceptible to mental illness. This was a two-part series, with a continued conversation on Episode 92. Here at Rochester Rising, we feel that mental health is such an overlooked issue in entrepreneurs that we are developing some new wellness programming for 2019. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey to help us provide what is needed in the community.

o   Twitter: @roseiskipper, @ChrisLukenbill

Then we fast-forward to August with Episode 95 talking to the owner and studio manager of Orangetheory Fitness Rochester, Mackenzie McCormack. Orangetheory Fitness is a one-hour total body workout focused on endurance, strength, and power using heartrate-based interval training. This studio just opened its doors in December in the Apache Mall. On the show today, we listen to a portion of Episode 95 where Mackenzie talks about Orangetheory Fitness, what it was like to open a franchise, and why she wanted to launch this type of business.

o   Website: https://rochester.orangetheoryfitness.com/

o   Instagram: @orangetheoryrochestermn

And finally, we check back in with Episode 104, recorded in October, where we sat down with the new president of Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI) Ryan Nolander. RAEDI is a private/public partnership for economic development that serves Rochester and the surrounding four county area. Ryan began his career with RAEDI this June after spending close to thirteen years with the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency. On the show today, we hear Ryan talk about RAEDI, how the organization works with local businesses, and what initially drew him to economic development in Rochester.

o   Website: http://www.raedi.com/

o   Twitter: @RaediInfo


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Episode 104: Ryan Nolander and RAEDI

Ryan Nolander.jpg

This week on the podcast with sit down and chat with Ryan Nolander, President of Rochester Area Economic Development Inc, or RAEDI. RAEDI is a private/public partnership for economic development that serves Rochester and the surrounding four county area including Olmsted, Dodge, Fillmore, and Wabasha Counties. Ryan began his career with RAEDI this June after spending close to thirteen years with the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency. On the podcast today, we talk about:

·      How RAEDI assists local businesses and performs economic development in the region.

·      RAEDI’s focus on entrepreneurial development with the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator, the Economic Development Fund (EDF) and the Southeast Minnesota Capital Fund.

·      Progress with the EDF over the past years, including the lending of $1.8M (all approved by Rochester City Council) for fifteen different projects. These loans have allowed the recipient businesses to go on to raise $72M in funds and to create one hundred jobs.

·      Progress with the Southeast Minnesota Capital fund, which closed at $2M in June with fifty-six total investors and has invested $500,000 thus far across five different projects.

·      Ryan’s time performing economic development in Albert Lea and how that differs from activity currently taking place in Rochester.

·      What attracted Ryan to the Rochester area.

·      Ryan’s view on entrepreneurial activity taking place in this city.

Episode 35: Rochester Rising and the Rochester Economic Development Fund

This week on the podcast we listen in to some audio from the latest 1 Million Cups Rochester. 1 Million Cups is a national educational program for entrepreneurs developed by the Kauffman Foundation. 1 Million Cups Rochester takes place the first Wednesday of every month at 9AM in downtown Rochester. This month we heard from Rochester Rising, an online news site that amplifies the stories of Rochester entrepreneurs. Xavier Frigola from Rochester Area Economic Development Inc. also spoke about the Rochester Economic Development Fund.