Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

Episode 136: From the Edge with Beth and Kathleen


Today on the podcast we share our latest in the “From the Edge” series discussing trends in entrepreneurship. For this chat we’re joined by local entrepreneur Beth Fynbo, Founder of Busy Baby Mat, Kathleen Harrington, President of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, and as always Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking.


On today’s show we chat about many different trends we’re seeing on a local and national scale including:

·      Collaboration between entrepreneurs, even those in direct competition.

·      A local increase in minority and women entrepreneurs.

·      The presence of collaboration within healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems.

·      The value in “putting yourself out there” as an entrepreneur.

·      What is an entrepreneur?

·      Simple ways that everyone can give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

·      The value of an entrepreneurial ecosystem to reduce loneliness and to accelerate early stage companies.

·      The value of small businesses as economic drivers.

·      The strength of shopping local.


Tune in to the show today to not miss out on this great conversation.


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Episode 77: Zoey Jantsan and Miss Minnesota, RE/MAX, and Chamber of Commerce


This week on the podcast we sit down with entrepreneur Zoey Jantsan to hear about all her latest endeavors. Zoey is the former Miss Minnesota US International. She’s also entering into her second year as a real estate agent with RE/MAX and is the current chair of the Women’s Roundtable for the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.

We had a very full discussion on the podcast today including:

·      A chat about a new community kindness initiative in Rochester that Zoey is a part of, called Read Roch, to connect members of the community through books.

·      Other initiatives going on right now that Zoey is excited about including the upcoming Paws and Claws Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser, EarthFest, and the Rochester Flag Project.

·      What Zoey’s experience was like as Miss Minnesota and how it impacted her public speaking.

·      Zoey’s passion for animal and environmental conservation.

·      The challenges she’s faced in growing her real estate career.

·      The importance of space for business women to share ideas.


“When you’re running and you’re starting a new project, and when you’re starting a new career, no one knows that that’s what you do besides you at that point. And to go from there to have the whole community or have the whole clientele know that’s what you do and that’s what sets you apart, I think that’s the biggest hurdle [to growing a business].” -Zoey Jantsan

Episode 57: Examining the Multiplier Effect of Inclusion to Expand Your Business

This week on the podcast, we talk about a recent Supplier Diversity Summit held in Rochester. The summit was hosted by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce to highlight the benefits of engaging with diverse suppliers and to explain the importance of diversity and inclusion in today’s workforce. In the podcast today, we dive into the keynote speech at the event, which was given by Dr. Tony Byers. Dr. Byers has over twenty years of experience with diversity and inclusion initiatives, including roles at Starbucks, Heinz, and Cargill. In his talk, Dr. Byers explained the importance of diversity and inclusion for growth of a business and spoke about how the “multiple effect of inclusion” helps businesses capture new markets, expand their existing markets, and truly innovate.

“We want to not just count heads, but make heads count.” –Dr. Tony Byers