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Episode 144: Sheryl and Vincenzo with Love in a Tuscan Kitchen


This week on the podcast we get to chat with local innovators Sheryl Ness and Vincenzo Giangiordano. Sheryl, a native of the Kasson area, grew up a local farm girl and amassed over thirty years of experience as a nurse at Mayo Clinic. Vincenzo, a native of a town called Abruzzo in rural Italy, is a trained chef and worked all over Italy learning traditional Italian cooking before settling in Tuscany. Vincenzo lived in this region of Italy for fifteen years running a restaurant with two other business partners.  Today he makes the fresh pasta at Terza and runs his own business, called VinChef Cooking, providing cooking classes, private dinners, and other chef services. Today on the podcast we talk about the major risks this husband and wife team have taken in their careers to live out their dreams. We also chat about Sheryl’s book Love in a Tuscan Kitchen describing her travels and life in Italy as she made some major decisions in her career and met and fell in love with Vincenzo over his chocolate cake!


On the podcast today we talk about:

·      The universality of food.

·      How Sheryl took a chance on love and moved from Rochester to Tuscany, where she lived for six years.

·      The difficulties and hard work Vincenzo and his business partners put into their restaurant in the Chianti region of Tuscany to keep it running and pay their taxes.

·      Vincenzo and Sheryl’s move back to Minnesota to be closer to Sheryl’s family and Vincenzo decision to leave his restaurant.

·      Sheryl’s book Love in a Tuscan Kitchen describing her relationship with Vincenzo and the people, food, and traditions of the medieval Tuscan village, called San Gusme, where they met and lived in for several years.

·      The intentional risk taking and unexpected choice making by both Sheryl and Vincenzo to create a better life for themselves.

·      The value of following your heart.

·      The process of getting a book published and how Sheryl and Vincenzo are currently promoting her book.

·      The Rochester restaurant and pop-up food scene.


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