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110: 1 Million Cups Rochester with Trail Creek Coffee Roasters and MedEd Web Solutions


This week on the podcast we listen in to the audio from the most recent 1 Million Cups Rochester. 1 Million Cups is an educational event for entrepreneurs that takes place in over 180 different communities across the US. At this latest event we heard from local small businesses Trail Creek Coffee Roasters and MedEd Web Solutions

·      Trail Creek Coffee Roasters is a Kasson, Minn. based business with the mission to provide high quality, small batch roasted coffee. Owner Crystal Whitmarsh and her husband began the business roasting out of a single popcorn popper. Now, they’re renovating a space in Kasson to expand their production capacity.

·      MedED Web Solutions is developing a solution to address healthcare worker burnout, called the Well-Being Index. The Well-Being Index is an anonymous online assessment tool that analyzes wellbeing of a particular healthcare worker compared to their peers. The tool has been implemented in over six hundred healthcare institutions to date.

Join the community at the next 1 Million Cups Rochester on Wednesday January 9th at 9AM in the Bleu Duck Kitchen event space. Next month, we hear from Busy Bee Meal Prep.

Can’t make it to 1 Million Cups? Join us for a livestream of the event on our Facebook page and ask your own questions to the presenters!