Episode 115: Talking Business Development with the Realty Edge Team

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Today on the podcast we chat with Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson, co-owners of the Realty Edge team, a residential real estate business in Rochester, Minnesota. This interview is part of our #Emerge video series. Check out the abridged version of this show, video-style, on our website! Today on the podcast we talk about Dan and Kyle’s excitement in regard to the growing brewery scene in Rochester. We also chat about their approach to brand development and brand message with Realty Edge, the value of a social network in growing a business, and how they’ve been able to implement a team-based approach with their company.


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Realty Edge Website:

Facebook: @TheRealtyEdgeTeam

Twitter: @realtyedgeteam


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Episode 89: Mental Illness in Entrepreneurs & SCORE SE MN

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Today we provide a teaser to our next new podcast where we sit down and talk about mental illness and entrepreneurs. Recent data suggests that mental illness rates are higher in entrepreneurs than in the general population; entrepreneurs may also inherently possess traits that make them more likely to develop mental illness than the general population. With the recent deaths of entrepreneurs Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, it’s time we open up this conversation. Be sure to check back in with our next podcast where we sit down with local entrepreneurs to talk about mental illness in our innovation community and how we can all work toward an overall healthier well-being.

In the final part of the podcast, we also check in with SCORE Southeast Minnesota Mentor Stephen Troutman to learn more about SCORE and what it has to offer to the local entrepreneurial community.

Resources mentioned on today’s podcast:

Let’s Open the Conversation About Mental Illness and Entrepreneurs: Part 1, Part 2

NAMI Southeast Minnesota

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

7 Cups of Tea:

“Shedding The Light on Mental Illness and Entrepreneurship” Foundr


Episode 60: Talking Family Business, Buttons, and Digital Marketing with PJ Calkins

This week on the podcast we chat with Rochester resident and longtime entrepreneur PJ Calkins. PJ began his entrepreneurial career at the age of eleven, where he and his siblings manufactured and sold pin-back buttons door to door. A few years later, the family took the business online, becoming the first pin-back button company selling on the internet. On the show today we talk about PJ’s involvement with his family’s business, how digital marketing can help your company, and what the temperature of the entrepreneurial climate is like right now for young professionals.

Diverge Part 4.3: Becky Montpetit and Rochester MN Moms Blog

This week on the podcast we listen in to the full interview with Becky Montpetit, Founder of Rochester MN Moms Blog, in our Diverge series. This is the final piece of our multi-part series where we explore the stories of four Rochester entrepreneurs who left long careers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

“I think it’s really important to look at where your passions are and where your passions lie. Sometimes, we sit in a job or a career and we realize that we really love it and love what you’re doing, but there is that missing piece of fulfillment.” –Becky Montpetit

Photo Credit: Gina Zeidler Photography

Episode 33: MNvest- Investment Crowdfunding for Private Minnesota-based Businesses

This week on the podcast we speak with Zach Robins, a securities attorney and board member of the 501(c)(4) nonprofit, This nonprofit was launched in 2014 to advocate on behalf of intrastate investment crowdfunding and worked to pass and draft MNvest legislation to democratize investment opportunities for any Minnesotan. MNvest provides privately owned Minnesota businesses the opportunity to raise capital through investment crowdfunding. Currently three funding portals are operational for investment crowdfunding in Minnesota: Venture Near, Silicon Prairie ,and MNstarter. Five investment campaigns are currently being run through these portals

Rochester Rising Episode 5: Nate Nordstrom and BrandHoot

Today’s podcast features another entrepreneur operating out of the Conley-Maass building, Nate Nordstrom, and his journey to launch BrandHoot, a team that is passionate about empowering great ideas and impactful brands through innovative apps and websites.

  • This Omaha, Nebraska native moved to Rochester in 2011 after he got burnt out from a job in a daily deal company and decided to leave the job and launch his own company. 
  • Nate left his job and launched his journey in entrepreneurship right when he and his wife were pregnant with their first baby, leaving the couple with no sure source of income or health insurance.
  • BrandHoot has grown and succeeded by doing things well and creating value for people.
  • One of Nate’s biggest lessons was learning how to strategically price BrandHoot’s products and services.
  • BrandHoot just launched a new service product called FanCoach, which provides automated consulting and actionable reports for restaurants.


“I really like Rochester. I think there’s a lot of opportunities and I think we’re really at a great time when there’s more collaboration than ever. Which is fantastic. I think sometimes, still though, people feel like ‘Oh, I can’t do what GoRout, or BrandHoot, or whatever the other company is has done.’ And I would say, ‘Yes you can.’” – Nate Nordstrom