Episode 106: Offices at China Hall


This week on the podcast we travel to Offices at China Hall for a chat with the owners of that business, Bucky Beeman and Peter Andrews. The Offices at China Hall is Rochester’s newest coworking space, located in the heart of downtown Rochester right across the street from the Minnesota BioBusiness Center. This coworking space is situated on the second floor of a building, which originally was a china store as well as office space at another point in its lifetime. The location has likely been unutilized since the 1950s. The Offices at China Hall is a coworking space that includes a conference room, kitchenette, and six private offices. Bucky and Peter are open to using the space for events and for general support of Rochester’s entrepreneurial community. They see the space as a natural next step for businesses that need to graduate from the open coworking concept.

“We really want to create that sense of community for those that want more than just an office without having a neighbor that they can go and talk to.” -Bucky Beeman, Co-owner of Offices at China Hall

Episode 105: Jamie Sundsbak and Collider Coworking

Photo courtesy of Collider Coworking.

Photo courtesy of Collider Coworking.

Today on the show we sit down with Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking. Collider Coworking is an open coworking space in downtown Rochester, launched on August 15, 2016. Collider was originally envisioned as a space for entrepreneurs to work and connect. But since its opening, the coworking space has become home to many freelancers and remote workers, shifting Collider’s mission to helping these people connect with the Rochester community at large to keep this talent in the city. On the podcast today, we talk a bit about the challenge of launching a coworking space in a city like Rochester, where the concept was new. Since its launch, Collider has primarily grown by word of mouth and by just getting people through the doors to see the space. Collider was born out of Jamie’s mission to create a more robust entrepreneurial community for Rochester. The coworking space has a warehouse feel and includes its own hand-drawn Sasquatch. The business aims to promote creativity, social interactions, and work just getting done in Rochester’s entrepreneurial and innovation sectors. As the year ends, Collider is working on two new initiatives. The first is a nonprofit arm of the business to open up the business to additional funding sources and to support the organization’s work to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Collider will launch an additional location soon, called Collider 424. This space is located in a disused building on the Mayo Clinic campus and will primarily be private offices.

Episode 31: The Rochester Startup Part 12- Ambient Clinical Analytics

This week on the podcast, we continue with “The Rochester Startup” series and speak with a tenant of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator, Ambient Clinical Analytics. Ambient Clinical Analytics is a healthtech startup that is developing a clinical decisions support suite of tools based on Mayo Clinic analytics. Their flagship products, AWARE and the Mayo Clinic YES Board, are tools that could be the centerpiece of total quality improvement within a healthcare facility. Today we speak with Ambient Clinical Analytics CEO Al Berning and CTO Drew Flaada, two entrepreneurs who spent several years working at IBM before striking out on their own.

“Our products really are focused in on error reduction, eliminating errors by better presentation of data, improving the efficiency of the care team, improving satisfaction of the care team and the patients that are being cared for, and ultimately providing better patient care.” –Drew Flaada


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