Rochester Rising Episode 17: Roundtable Failure Discussion

This week, I got to do a special roundtable podcast discussion with some local entrepreneurs to talk about the things that no one wants to: failure, fear, and the struggles associated with entrepreneurship.

Here is the esteemed roundtable:

  • Nick Moucha: real estate agent, entrepreneur, and stay at home dad.
  • Shruthi Naik: research associate at Mayo Clinic and co-founder of Vyriad, a startup in Rochester that engineers virus for cancer therapy.
  • AJ Montpetit: local entrepreneur and designer.
  • Amanda Leightner: founder at Rochester Rising.

During the discussion, we defined business failure and talked about how we have failed ourselves in our entrepreneurial endeavors. We also spoke about fears that hold people back from starting their own business and talk about doubts that have held ourselves back.

Want to hear more? There is an extended version of the podcast available to Rochester Rising Patreon supporters.