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Episode 32: The Rochester Startup Part 14- Breakdown of Rochester's Coworking Spaces

This week, we wrap up “The Rochester Startup Series,” taking an in-depth look at coworking spaces in Rochester and the people working within them. In today’s podcast, we hear from the owners and managers of the four coworking spaces in Rochester including: Carrie Moscho of Rochester Area Foundation, Xavier Frigola of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator, Tessa Leung of The Vault, and Jamie Sundsbak of Collider Coworking.

All four leaders in the business and entrepreneurial community agreed that there are strong expectations of growth in the for-profit and not-for-profit community, especially with the Destination Medical Center initiative. Rochester’s entrepreneurial community right now is just starting to gain the critical mass that it needs to push forward, but it still has a long way to go. The emerging Southeast Minnesota Angel Fund could significantly help the growth of the startup and entrepreneurial community.

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Episode 31: The Rochester Startup Part 12- Ambient Clinical Analytics

This week on the podcast, we continue with “The Rochester Startup” series and speak with a tenant of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator, Ambient Clinical Analytics. Ambient Clinical Analytics is a healthtech startup that is developing a clinical decisions support suite of tools based on Mayo Clinic analytics. Their flagship products, AWARE and the Mayo Clinic YES Board, are tools that could be the centerpiece of total quality improvement within a healthcare facility. Today we speak with Ambient Clinical Analytics CEO Al Berning and CTO Drew Flaada, two entrepreneurs who spent several years working at IBM before striking out on their own.

“Our products really are focused in on error reduction, eliminating errors by better presentation of data, improving the efficiency of the care team, improving satisfaction of the care team and the patients that are being cared for, and ultimately providing better patient care.” –Drew Flaada


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Episode 30: The Rochester Startup Part Nine-Tinua

This week on the podcast, we continue with part nine of “The Rochester Startup” series. This week we speak with Tinua, a tenant of Collider Coworking. Tinua is an emerging startup converting gift cards into the currency of charitable giving, starting a movement of doing good one gift card at a time. Today we chat with Founder Tori Utley, a licensed chemical dependency counselor and founder of several nonprofits, about Tinua’s growth and her journey as a new, fulltime entrepreneur.

“[Tinua] really for me fells like the excitement of both worlds: the heart of the nonprofit sector but the fun and strategy of technology,” she explained.

She advised potential entrepreneurs that “there’s no qualification to be the right person or not. And because of that, you are the right person to pursue [your idea]. And so I think if you’re passionate about making a difference. …If you think that there’s a way to do something better or bring something to market that hasn’t been done before, just do it, because you never know what the outcome could be.”

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Episode 29: The Rochester Startup Part Six: Official Love

This week on the podcast, we continue with “The Rochester Startup” series by speaking with Kristopher Loving, Founder of the emerging nonprofit Official Love. This nonprofit operates out of the Rochester Area Foundation incubator space. Official Love utilizes the platform of sports officiating to help young people develop strong work ethics, professionalism, and connect with the community. The nonprofit decreases barriers for youth to become trained sports officials for basketball, football, and girls’ lacrosse. But Loving says the importance of Official Love is so much more; the program helps youth believe in and become invested in the community.

“If the youth are not involved in the community, it’s very difficult for it to grow and thrive because the youth are the next leaders of the community. …Sports officiating itself is great. But it’s such a small piece in what can really transform a community. And I’m hopeful that we can use this small thing, such as sports, such as blowing a whistle, to really help change lives and change generations of lives.” –Kristopher Loving, Official Love Founder.

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Episode 28: The Rochester Startup Part Four, GoRout

Today we continue to explore coworking facilities in Rochester and the people working within them. This week on the podcast, we speak with the sportstech startup GoRout. GoRout is a tenant of The Vault, one of the original coworking facilities in Rochester. GoRout has created a series of software and hardware football products that allow for instant communication between coaches and players on the field. The team recently won their division in the NFL’s “1st and Future” competition that took place during Super Bowl LI.  


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