Episode 86: Meet the Team behind SolKen Technology

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This week on the podcast we sit down with Solomon Antoine, Ken Nguyen, D’Angelo Tines, and Haron Arama of SolKen Technology. SolKen Technology is a Rochester-based tech startup specializing in cryptocurrency mentoring, web development, and e-commerce development. Their current focus is on the product FAVR, a web-based platform that matches freelancers with jobs, such as yard work and errand-running, in the community.

This week on the podcast we talk about:

·      FAVR, a platform that pairs freelancers with local demand and the SolKen team’s plans to grow the product.

·      The drive and rationale for creating FAVR.

·      How the team balances their education as high school and college students and their other activities with business development.

·      The journey of building FAVR in Rochester and the connections the team has leveraged to jump start the product.

·      Their advice for anyone else looking to #startsomething in Rochester, Minnesota.


“Take risks. You never know the outcome until you try it out.” -Ken Nguyen

Episode 73: 'Should You Build Your Business in Stealth Mode?' with Chris Lukenbill and Jan Hagenbrock


This week on the podcast we sit down with local entrepreneurs Chris Lukenbill and Jan Hagenbrock and have a focused discussion about building a business in stealth mode. We talk about what stealth mode is in business development, why some businesses may build in this manner, and why some choose to grow their business outside of stealth mode. This was a great conversation today and hopefully the first of many focused debates on our podcast.

"The challenge that you're running into of going into stealth mode is that your only feedback is from this eco-chamber of people that think it's a good idea." -Chris Lukenbill

"When you [build a business] on your own, you waste your most precious resource, which is your time. You can't get that back." -Jan Hagenbrock

Episode 68: Winona State University + Information Technology Expert Panel, Part 2


This week on the podcast, we listen in to the final portion of audio from a recent Information Technology (IT) Expert Panel with Winona State University Rochester and Collider Coworking. This panel event facilitated an “open and fluid” conversation about IT in Rochester, talent and educational needs in the field, and how higher education organizations like Winona State can help to fill these gaps. The podcast today is the second in this two part series from the discussion. The expert IT panel at the event included David Borrillo of CoreLogic, Nadia Wood of The Hybrids, and Chris Lukenbill of Fresh with Edge. In this final part of the discussion, the panel talked about the importance of developing a business around their IT product, lessons they learned while building a company, what they look for when hiring talent for a startup, and the reality of working with a remote team.

“It’s not just about developing a software solution. It’s also about…the business around it.” –Nadia Wood, Founder of The Hybrids

Episode 61: An Evening with the Founders of DoApp, Part 1

This week on the podcast we listen in to some audio straight from Rochester’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. On the show today we listen in to part one of “A Night with the Founders of DoApp” where DoApp founders Wade Beavers, Joe Sriver, and David Borrillo along with key individuals- John Roberts with New Counsel and David Olson with Blackridge Financial- talk about the growth and exits of this mobile application development company. Today on the podcast, we hear about the very beginnings of DoApp, how they developed three of the very first apps for the Apple App Store, and the reality of starting a business and taking outside funding.

“Whether it’s luck, calculated risk, whatever it is, you have those moments where you have to recognize it’s a failure and you have to adjust.” –Wade Beavers, former CEO of DoApp

Episode 55: Enhanced Fitness Features, Animated Emojis, and Augmented Reality, Oh My! The Latest from Apple

This week on the podcast we discuss the latest products unveiled by Apple: the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV with 4K and HDR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X.

Episode 28: The Rochester Startup Part Four, GoRout

Today we continue to explore coworking facilities in Rochester and the people working within them. This week on the podcast, we speak with the sportstech startup GoRout. GoRout is a tenant of The Vault, one of the original coworking facilities in Rochester. GoRout has created a series of software and hardware football products that allow for instant communication between coaches and players on the field. The team recently won their division in the NFL’s “1st and Future” competition that took place during Super Bowl LI.  


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