Episode 92: Discussing Mental Health and Entrepreneurs with Rosei and Chris, Part 2

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This week on the podcast, we wrap up the final part of our discussion talking about mental health and entrepreneurs with Rosei Skipper and Chris Lukenbill. Check back in with Episode 90 to hear the first part of this podcast.

Today on the show we talk about:

·      The stress and anxiety that results from tying your self-worth to your business.

·      Having contingency plans.

·      Why this is the prime time in Rochester to be an entrepreneur.

·      The importance of tying your identity to something outside of your business or career.

·      Methods that we can use as a community to start removing the stigma around mental health in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

·      The negativity of a culture that glorifies working excessive hours.

·      Moments that have kept us going as entrepreneurs.

·      The idea that when you say “yes” to one opportunity, you by default say “no” to other opportunities.

·      The danger of living at the excessive extremes.

·      Thoughts on the use of technology to facilitate meditation and stress relief.

This week we also check in with SCORE Southeast Minnesota to answer the question, “Does SCORE provide loans or financial capital to small businesses?”

Episode 45: Emerge 0 with Chris Lukenbill

Photo courtesy of Jamie Sundsbak.

This week on the podcast, we listen in to some audio from our very Facebook live video in a new #Emerge series. As in all things related to entrepreneurship, this is an experiment and a work in progress. On our first episode, we talked with local entrepreneur Chris Lukenbill. Chris was the Founder of, a software branch of the vertical farming technology company Bright Agrotech. built software for farmers by farmers, to pass down knowledge and assist farmers serving their communities. Just last week, Bright Agrotech was acquired by the Silicon Valley company Plenty. As part of this process, will be shut down and the team is going in separate directions. In this episode, Chris talks about his new direction and a brand new local startup that he wants to build in a unique manner.

“I always like the idea and I always tell people, when you’re going to start something, tell everybody about it.”- Chris Lukenbill

Join us on Thursday at 5PM as the community celebrates the life of

Episode 15: Chris Lukenbill and

Featured story:  New Initiative to Gage Interest in Shared Community Kitchen Space in Rochester

Rochester Rising Episode 6: Launching a Genome Engineering Startup with Jake Bergren

By Madprime (talk · contribs) - Own work. The source code of this SVG is valid.This vector image was created with Inkscape., CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Madprime (talk · contribs) - Own work. The source code of this SVG is valid.This vector image was created with Inkscape., CC BY-SA 3.0,

“Forming a business is out there with like performing surgery or something like that. I had no idea how that worked before I came [to the Mayo Clinic]. And I think I got really lucky with the lab I was placed in because my boss, Dr. Ekker over here at Mayo, he … formed a group about a year ago called Byolincs. And that group has been really integral to not only helping me find a passion for entrepreneurship but also begin to understand and process and learn all these different skills that are crucial for business development, entrepreneurship, and all these things.”- Jake Bergren

What is genome engineering? Take a peek at this video from Kurzgesagt.

Anyone with questions or comments about genome engineering, please contact the Genome Writers Guild at