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Episode 76: Jay Adkins & Godwin Dold


This week on the podcast we chat with local entrepreneur and partner at Godwin Dold, Jay Adkins. Godwin Dold is a local law firm that specializes in business law, criminal defense, estate planning, commercial real estate, DWI defense, and civil litigation. The practice is currently a team of four and was originally founded by attorneys and entrepreneurs James Godwin and Rick Dold.


On the podcast today with talk with Jay about:

·      the basics of Godwin Dold.

·      what it was like to join a law firm at the early stages and help to build it from the ground up.

·      how Jay’s entrepreneur wife encouraged him to take risks and risk failure.

·      why this young entrepreneur enjoys practicing law in his hometown.

·      the value of never burning bridges and building a “web of community.”

·      the dynamics of the young attorneys at Godwin Dold.

·      Jay’s background in public speaking, including his studies in television broadcasting at St. Cloud State, where he used to call college hockey games.

·      Jay’s take on the current business environment in Rochester.


“All of these things that people want- to be their own boss, run their own business, be successful- those end results we see are tied with failures, every step of the way. …The more you fail, the more you succeed.” -Jay Adkins, Partner at Godwin Dold

Rochester Rising Episode 21: Sunny Prabhakar and The Commission

This week I got to sit down and talk with Rochester resident Sunny Prabhakar about The Commission, a young professionals group in Rochester.

  • The Commission is a young professionals’ organization that gives young people in Rochester a platform to make an impact in the city.
  • The Commission is made up of three pieces: relationship building, mentorship, and professional development.
  • Their most popular relationship building event, Cards & Coffee, is an informal morning gathering that takes place once a month at different businesses in Rochester.
  • The Commission began when Sunny was starting a smoothie business in Rochester but noticed a large disconnect between younger and older professionals in the city. The Commission started out as a monthly breakfast to connect the community and grew from there.
  • Sunny recommends any books written by Gary Vaynerchuk, including his newest book #AskGaryVee, to anyone looking to make a big impact with their business in the community.
  • To learn more about The Commission and keep in touch, visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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